Security & Protection Services

We offer our expertise with matters of data security & protection, personal security & protection, as well as identity theft prevention and investigation services.  As a licensed private investigation firm we can protect your person and your property to fit your needs. Minimum retainer and deposit for this service is $1000.00 to set up a client account. All Investigators are licensed & insured.

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IP/Email Tracing & Electronic Evidence

IP/Email Tracing & gathering electronic evidence can be a daunting task for those inexperienced to do so. Cyber Stalking, Unethical Hacking, Trade Libel and Slander of your company's reputation and/or products can be very disruptive to your business and life. Let Right Path Investigations Senior Investigators and our National Network of Investigative Specialists work for you and your client(s).

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Investigative Services

Make sure you know who it is you are doing business with, work with or may even be living with. In today's day and age more people are taking a second look at who it is they are letting into their daily lives. While we have built a solid business conducting background investigations on businesses and individuals, it is not the only service we provide. All of our investigators are licensed and insured professionals.

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Consulting Services

We offer our consulting expertise with matters of skip tracing, security, research, identity theft, insurance, civil and criminal investigations. If your company or organization simply needs advice on data retrieval and research we can set you up with a Consultation Account. A debit - pay as you go program is available.

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