This Agreement made this date, between Right Path Investigations, also know as “RightPI” and of the firm or person named below, herein after referred to as the “client.”

The following are billing rates for those services plus a 7.25% sales tax on applicable expenses if the work is conducted in California. All work completed will be categorized and invoiced for the relative hourly rates below:

Staff/ Researcher:
Management Investigative:
Senior Investigative:
Expert Witness:


Other expenses are defined as: telephone charges, fax, postage, data base search fees, batteries, materials, etc., are billable at cost incurred by Right Path Investigations.

The above fees will be incurred and payable by the client regardless of the outcome of the service. Right Path Investigations will not warranty the information concerned in the records of the particular jurisdiction in which the client has requested the services take place.

This agreement is made between Right Path Investigations and the client. Fees and expenses billed/invoiced to the client are the responsibility of same and are due and payable by the client within thirty days of the date of the invoice. Invoices remaining unpaid after thirty days may accrue a 1.5% interest charge per month on the unpaid balance.

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