Russell Goodrow, Attorney at Law (Goodrow Law, San Francisco, Ca)

October 10th, 2018

“Right Path Investigations saved me on more than one case! They were able to track down and serve a defendant, who was impossible to find and they conducted an interview with another witness. The witness report provided all the information we needed and we look forward to working with Right Path on all of our investigative needs in Sacramento County and the surrounding areas. As an attorney, who has worked with dozens of investigators I can say that Right Path is one of my best PI experiences yet.”

Scott Cameron, Attorney at Law, CCD Panel Client (Sacramento Conflict Criminal Defenders)

May 26th, 2018

“Investigator Jeff Berns really came through for me.  An investigator I had been using had to leave town due to a family emergency during the middle of a complex murder trial.  I contacted Mr. Berns and he jumped right into the case.  He quickly grasped the facts of the case, conducted the investigation that was needed, and provided me with a thorough report.  His report writing skills are excellent.  It’s one thing to be a great investigator; it’s another to be able to communicate, in writing, the results of an investigation.  Mr. Berns has both – great investigator, great writing skills.”

Privately Retained Client on Subject Locate (Name withheld for anonymity purposes)

September 3rd, 2017

“I recently needed the services of an investigator and found Jeff Berns with Right Path Investigations through an internet search. I was impressed with Jeff from the start when he said he needed to check out my background before doing a search for an old friend I was looking for. This put me at ease by showing me he was ethical and not willing to take on any customer who might have the wrong intentions for finding someone. I found him very professional and efficient. He was not only quick to respond to my request, I was amazed at how fast he had information on me as well as the person I was looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

######## ######, Privately Retained Client on Civil Libel/Slander Case (name changed for anonymity purposes)

June 20th, 2013

My attorney and I worked very closely with Senior Investigator Jeff Berns directly at Right Path Investigations. Jeff worked  on several complex technical investigations and litigation matters involving my civil libel and slander case. Mr. Berns greatly assisted us and obtained very difficult and important evidence used to successfully advance  and resolve my case. He is very helpful, tenacious and persistent in every respect.

I found Mr. Berns always well prepared and he thoroughly briefed me on all aspects of the case. Mr. Berns is attentive to every detail, no matter how minor. He is a keen observer and exhibited “street smarts” that only investigative experience can bring. Mr. Berns never hesitated to explore creative and intelligent approaches, so often key to successful investigations. Mr. Berns is to be commended for his ability to carry out a very successful investigation and for his dedication and loyalty. I would highly recommend Jeff Berns and Right Path Investigations and their services  if you have a complex matter that needs to be figured out and resolved.

John Lewis, Founder, American Recovery Service (ARS), Skipbusters

River City Auto Recovery, Crown Auto Recovery  Managed Jeff at Skipbusters

June 13, 2012

“Of the hundreds of skip tracers who passed through our doors from 1988 until we sold the company in 1999, Jeff Berns was not only one of our best, he also was always extremely professional and polite, and a great guy. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Sandra Fletcher, Investigator, Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office

Managed Jeff indirectly at Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office

May 11, 2012

Jeff Berns worked with me for several years as an investigator with the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office. Jeff was originally hired in the misdemeanor division. As a result of Jeff’s keen investigative skills, his professional demeanor, his strength as a team player while being an effective and strong independent worker, and his ability to complete assigned case work by strict court imposed dead lines, Jeff quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to working complicated felony cases.

From the beginning of my association with Jeff, I was impressed with the ethical and moral characteristics that drove his professional and personal life. These characteristics come across in such a manner that he is able to elicit information quite effectively from witnesses and others. Jeff also possesses superior writing skills which is the hallmark of an accomplished investigator.

I would highly recommend Jeff Berns as a professional investigator.”

Danielle & Paul Franklin, Privately Retained Client (*Names changed for the privacy of the client)

January 5, 2011

Thank You again for all your help and encouragement.

Our son had been missing 34 days when we called you, My husband was having a really hard time and after checking all the jails, hospitals and morgues I started to really get scared. Our 22 year old son has made some poor decisions over the last couple years, but he always calls home a couple times a week. He had left after a nice overnight visit with us and was heading home. When his roommate called later that night we knew things had not gone as planned. We tried the wait and worry game. The police were not much help because of his age and gender. You really don’t realize what it takes to find someone when they are missing! Jeff…I don’t know how you did it but after you asked several questions I never thought of, our son called and left us a message promising to call. It was a huge relief and after talking with my son I had to wonder how in the world you found him. I got some of the story, but whatever your tactics were….they worked. It only took you 48 hrs to find my son.

Again, Thank you so much!”

Ron DeChance, Sr. Reseacher, David Allen & Associates Law Firm (Privately Retained Client)

November 6, 2008

I have known and worked with Jeff for several years in several different capacities. He has consistently impressed me as competent, and dependable. In addition to the above Jeff is a person of high moral character. If Jeff told me he would get something done, he always came through. He has a friendly personality that allows him to garner information from people where others may not be able to. This is invaluable in the investigative field. I have recommended Jeff to others and they universally feel as I do about Jeff. I highly recommend him.”

Ray Hetu, Chief Investigator, Conflict Criminal Defender’s Office-Sacramento County (Client Administrator)

October 22, 2002

Right Path Investigations and their Director of Operations, Jeff Berns, is an approved vendor and licensed Private Investigative Firm for the Sacramento County Conflict Criminal Defenders. Jeff Berns has always been very available and a conscientious service provider for our program. I, as the Chief Investigator, am responsible with providing highly qualified investigators to assist criminal attorneys with their cases. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a fine investigator.”

####  ######, Privately Retained Client (*Name withheld for the protection and privacy of client)

December 23, 2000

Jeff, your care and professionalism put my family and I at ease. Thank you for your diligence into looking into the matter set before us. What a cool and appropriate name for your business. I would not care if you stopped looking into the matter at this time. What has mattered the most has been that we have truly felt your care and felt our family’s concern.

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