Who We Are

All of the investigators we utilize have formal criminal justice training, education and experience. The training and education has come from P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standard Training), accredited colleges and universities and private groups. You can feel comfortable knowing you have hired experienced, well trained, licensed, insured professionals.

We are proud of our excellent service history with our clients both big and small. Below are just a few of the many clients we have successfully serviced:

  • Adesa Auto Auctions
  • Allstate (Nationwide)
  • Brombacker, Williams & Associates
  • California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA)
  • Empire Heating & Air
  • Goodrow Law Firm (San Francisco/Santa Barbara)
  • In N’ Out Burgers (Nationwide)
  • Infinity Insurance (Nationwide)
  • Law Offices of David Allen & Associates (Sacramento)
  • Law Offices of James R. Browning
  • Law Offices of Thomas P. Riley
  • N.A.P.A. (National Anti-Piracy Association), Incorporated
  • Republic Indemnity Insurance Company
  • Sacramento County, (Conflict Criminal Defender Program)
  • USA Express, Inc.
  • and ALL of the “Danielles & Seans” out there (Anonymous Privately Retained Clients)

Jeff Berns

CEO/Director of Operations
Senior Investigator

Jeff has directed & completed thousands of investigations for over his 29 years in the public criminal justice and private investigative industries. In early 2000 our Director of Operations and Qualified Manager (QM) founded Right Path Investigations which is strategically located in Northern California near the San Francisco Bay Area and “The Capitol” of California (Sacramento).

Jeff is well known nationwide & globally as “The RightPI”.

Our Director of Operations has built a password protected private network [The RightPI.Net] © highlighting contacts both locally and nationally that range from former State & local Law Enforcement Officers and US Special Agents. Members are from private corporations, federal, state and local agencies, corporate, prosecuting and defense attorneys (both civil and criminal), non-profit organizations, private investigators, insurance professionals as well as many local and state and federal political officials.

Our Director of Operations has a criminal justice degree with a concentration and focus on investigation and management (California State University, Sacramento). A few of the advanced courses he has completed are Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Relating to Trace Evidence, “Online Business Background Investigations & Foreign Due Diligence” – Advanced Investigative Fraud Training (using internet research and online resources), and specialized investigative training  (The Smarter Academy’s) “Online 4 Insiders” Internet & Online Investigations *Utilized by Various Law Enforcement Agencies, Including The US Department of Homeland Security, Backgrounds & Social Media Investigations (OSINT) with CALI (Oct 2019), Cornell University’s ILR (Industrial Labor Relations) Program on Strategic Corporate Research ( June 2014), Code 4 Public Safety Education Association’s -“True Lies: Detecting Deception” Course ( January 2013), Cellular Phone Fraud Training with the US Secret Service and Airtouch Cellular, bomb recognition and detection with Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept.(July 1995), Extensive Insurance Claim & Fraud Investigation with two different National Insurance Companies, Insurance Adjusting Training, Skip-Tracing and Subject/Asset Location Training. Director Jeff Berns can assemble a team of investigators that can accomplish just about any goal you set before him.

Jeff Berns ,”The RightPI”,  has conducted hundreds of criminal investigations for the Sacramento County Conflict Criminal Defender (CCD) Program going back to 2001. Jeff is a former Criminal Investigator for Sacramento County and has worked on multiple major crimes cases, including hundreds of felony and misdemeanor cases while working for the Sacramento County District Attorney and the Public Defender’s offices in Sacramento, California. Jeff also served as a Specialist (SPC) as an “Emergency Communications Tech” in the J6 with the California State Military Reserve (CSMR), in support of the California National Guard which is Division of the U.S. Army in Sacramento, California. Our Director has worked as a skip-tracer for three nationally known private investigative groups and as a multi-line Field Claims Adjuster with two nationally known insurance companies CSAA – (California State Automobile Association) and Infinity Insurance/Republic Indemnity. Active member of CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators), C.D.I.A. (California Defense Investigators Association), NCISS (National Council of Investigation & Security Services) and a former member of S.C.A.L.E. (Sacramento County Alliance of Law Enforcement).

Deana Galtieri

Investigator/Process Server/Research Analyst

Deana has been an invaluable addition to Right Path Investigations since early 2011; Deana conducts investigations, online research & assisting clients via the telephone and computer. In this relatively short period of time Ms. Galtieri has developed into quite the “discreet professional” at collecting hard to obtain information in both the field and online.

Deana has worked in varied industries, and learned many key business management skills by owning her own business in the “Health, Wellness & Fitness” industry since the early 90’s. Deana is extremely proficient at working with people, computer/ data information and public records information retrieval. Most importantly Ms. Galtieri shares our passion for “helping people get on the [right path] to finding the information they need” which is our primary objective and what we do best here at Right Path Investigations.

Deana Galtieri has worked tirelessly for our clients on various background investigations, criminal investigations, fraud investigations, judgment research, insurance &, skip-tracing cases to list a few of the many duties she has completed while working here at RPI. Here is the list of industries Ms. Galtieri has gained invaluable experience & training from;  aesthetics, banking services, food services, forensic accounting & tax services, health & wellness, investigation/skip-tracing, in-home support services (IHSS), natural medicine, notary public, personnel management & real estate industries.



Russell Goodrow, Attorney at Law (Goodrow Law, San Francisco, Ca)

October 2018
Right Path Investigations saved me on more than one case! They were able to track down and serve a defendant, who was impossible to find and they conducted an interview with another witness. The witness report provided all the information we needed and we look forward to working with Right Path on all of our investigative needs in Sacramento County and the surrounding areas. As an attorney, who has worked with dozens of investigators I can say that Right Path is one of my best PI experiences yet.


Scott Cameron, Attorney at Law, CCD Panel Client (Sacramento Conflict Criminal Defenders)

May 2018
Investigator Jeff Berns really came through for me. An investigator I had been using had to leave town due to a family emergency during the middle of a complex murder trial. I contacted Mr. Berns and he jumped right into the case. He quickly grasped the facts of the case, conducted the investigation that was needed, and provided me with a thorough report. His report writing skills are excellent. It’s one thing to be a great investigator; it’s another to be able to communicate, in writing, the results of an investigation. Mr. Berns has both – great investigator, great writing skills.