Legality of GPS tracking of vehicles and persons

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I get requests all the time as a Private Investigator in California to track down people. I wouldn’t be doing a service to my client’s without posting this and addressing this topic.

Frequently asked Question(s) below / with Answers:

Client – Question: Can I GPS track someone in a vehicle?

RPI – Question Back:  Who is the person you want to track?

Client – Example answers:
My company vehicle, personal vehicle, my minor child’s vehicle owned and registered to me.

RPI –   Answer (Yes)

Client  – My ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, one of my co-workers.

RPI –   Answer (No)

Important Note:

It is generally legal to use a GPS tracking device if:

-You or your company/organization own’s the vehicle (or asset) to be tracked
-You own the asset that may be taken without your permission
-Your children (under 18) are the focus of the tracking
-You are tracking the asset for the purpose of legal repossession in the event of a loan default

It is generally “illegal” to use a GPS tracking device if:

-You are not the owner of the vehicle and do not have the legal right to track it
-You are attempting to track a boyfriend or girlfriend or ex-spouse in their own car

Client – Question: How do I know if my vehicle is being GPS tracked?

RPI – Answer:  a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) investigation may be needed to “bug or  GPS sweep” your vehicle.

Client:  – Who can I contact for this TSCM investigation service?

RPI – Answer:  Yes, we can conduct TSCM investigations of vehicles, residences and businesses for you. Contact us through this site or call us at  (916) 905-2559

Right Path Investigations is a full service Private Investigation Services Company, and in no way are we expressing we are legal counsel or offering legal advice. It is highly recommended that you check the laws in your state and jurisdiction you reside or conduct business and consult an attorney if need be.

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